Fair Oaks Bankruptcy


Fair Oaks bankruptcy filings and hearings are at the Sacramento Court.



Fair Oaks is not just a suburb, but has its own community. Image of the Fair Oaks Village with chickens crossing Fair Oaks Blvd.

San Juan Capistrano may have its swallows once a year, but Fair Oaks has free ranging chickens all year 'round. Read more about Fair Oaks history.

Fair Oaks is a community unto itself, but Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies for Fair Oaks residents are filed and hearings are conducted in the downtown Sacramento federal courthouse. An attorney close to home may seem convenient, but would you rather make the short drive from Fair Oaks to the Sacramento midtown office of bankruptcy attorney Julius Cherry, or pay a local attorney his or her hourly fee for the same trip for every hearing? It may seem comforting to have an attorney in Fair Oaks, but having an attorney next to the Sacramento federal courthouse may be significantly less expensive.


By law, anyone from the Fair Oaks area and filing for bankruptcy protection must attend at least one hearing at the downtown Sacramento federal courthouse. We specialize in completing as much work as possible by email, fax, telephone, and mail so your trips are limited.


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